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Elevate your love for basketball and art with the exclusive COKER STUDIO Basketball, meticulously crafted by Temi Coker.

This limited edition basketball is a vibrant celebration of the exhilarating spirit of basketball. Its vivid and colorful design captures the infectious excitement that fills the air when watching a thrilling game. Whether you choose to proudly display it as a captivating art piece in your home or take it to the court for a friendly game with your friends, this basketball seamlessly blends the worlds of sports and aesthetics.

With every dribble and slam dunk, you'll not only enjoy the game but also admire the fusion of artistry and athleticism. Make a statement both on and off the court with the COKER STUDIO Basketball, where sports and art harmoniously collide.

*No returns. Sale is final. Basketballs ship deflated and comes with an acrylic clear stand*

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